Sailing for a Smile

A ship in harbor is safe - but that is not what ships are built for.—J. A. Shedd 

Sailing Catamaran S.V. Bamba Maru


Andy and Joanna Bamba

Find out more about the permanent Crew 

Andy & Joanna Bamba, the dogs Basco and Marley and the board cat Tulu.


Prout Ocean Ranger 45

S.V. BAMBA MARU is a very interesting old sailing boat. She is a Prout Ocean Ranger 45 

built in UK back in 1968 

Hurricane Relief


After natural impacts like hurricane landfalls, it is difficult to get Relief Supplies distributed to exposed Islands. Bamba Maru provides active costal disaster relief work. 

YouTube Vlog


Not like the big YouTube Vlogs, but we also try to give you a glimpse of our daily routine with a video every now and then. Our Videos go from sailing to hiking, discovering new ground or simply show you what we are up for.



There is a book on the market about the transformation from a normal organised 9-5 life into a wild cruiser sailing lifestyle. A book about our story. Unfortunately only in german language. More are about to come soon.

Where we are

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