Andy Bamba


Andy Bamba was born in 1978 in Germany and raised up in the Swiss Alps.  Learned how to sail when he was in the age of 8 years on a lake in Switzerland.  We met each other back in 2001 in southern germany and are going together trough this adventurous live since that time. Andy is a draftsman and a skilled carpenter but he didn't work long time in this field. He went into sales management and marketing to increase our income and to build up his career. A bad car accident changed everything, he quit his job and eventually launched his own retail company in Switzerland.  It was a nice little business but not really what he was looking for. Back then Andy started to study herpetology and worked on breeding projects for endangered venomous snakes. He got a very good feeling on handling this deadly poisonous animals and was called many times to assist customs or police when  they had to deal with any kind of illegal imported or seized poisonous snakes.   

Andy's business grew, but he was not happy or satisfied. He was not seeking for career or money anymore and decided to get rid of everything. To start over again but without any pressure and free like the wind. Like to start over with a boat. He didn't had to convince me for long. We discussed everything in Cape Verde on a beach and made the decision together. The plan was not just to sail, but to live on the boat. To be prepared enough, Andy did the Swiss Offshore Captains License and hired on private Sailboats for a while to learn how to deal with big oceans.  Once he logged his required 1000 nautical miles at sea for the license he arrived in Cape Verde again and there he got the nickname Captain Bamba from our local friends.

A few years later he left his company, we sold everything we had and bought the boat S.V. Bamba Maru. Today, Andy is the Skipper on board and in the meantime, he logged more than 15'000 nautical miles, at least 10'000 only with Bamba Maru. Sometimes he can be a safety nerd and plays his german card. Everything has to be in order before he goes to the sea. Then it appears as he prepares for a flight when he goes trough his checklists, but he just want to double check that everything is alright. He plays Guitar, is good with astrology but useless in the galley. Terrible dancer but when it goes on weather forecast, it is Andy's stage. He had a lot of experience with weather forecasting already in Switzerland and gained his knowledge during the following years by sailing the Caribbean on and off the hurricane season and providing a tropical weather broadcast for the Cape Verde Islands. Andy didn't study weather in school, he read a lot about and learned most of it on the mountains and the oceans. His most reliable indicator is this fuzzy feeling once in a while when things start to change . He loves to study satellite pictures, spaghetti models and to analyze atmospheric anormalities. When he talks about strong shear, huge SAL, no vapo but frontal boundarys and all that - it means usually that everything is alright and the crew is happy that he didn't say storm, hurricane, monster wave or anything like that. 

To top up the Bamba Maru Cruising Kitty, Captain Bamba gets hired every now and then, to do a boat delivery  or to work on charter jobs nearby. Basically he can fix and maintain almost everything on regular pleasure boats, no matter whether Sail- or Powerboat, specially he is familiar with <50ft sailing catamarans. From the engine service to fiber repairs, rigging adjustments, electrical wiring or sail repairs. Andy can certainly help out. In his young and wild years, Andy used to do all kinds of martial arts like Kyokushin-Kai Karate, Taekwondo, Ju-Jutsu, Wing-Chun and Hapkido. A couple years later, he formed his own stile and made it eventually as self defense coach to the police corps.  Today he organizes self defense classes on the beach every now and then, or teaches at Security Companies.

Oh and he loves gummibaers... a lot - mostly Haribo ;-)

Writings and publications

Andy's writings are worldwide on available. However at the time, they are in german language only.  Once he improoved his vocabular and gained enough  english skills, he might translate it or write another one in english one day.