S.V. BaMba Maru


Prout Ocean Ranger 45

Bamba Maru was build back in 1968 in UK to take on the famous singlehand transatlantic OSTAR race from Plymouth to New Port.  She is a Wayne Boughen Desin, Prout – Ocean Ranger 45, Sailing Catamaran. When Ocean Ranger was first introduced, she was the largest all glass fiber catamaran made. The promotion back in 1968 said; "The Ocean Ranger is aptly named. You can take on the world with this famous catamaran. Not only in sheer performance, but also for workmanlike practicality, from designers who know the difference between theory on the drawing board and practice at sea." The concept to build a seaworthy offshore sailing catamaran out of plywood and epoxy, was a very new thing back then and we consider her more as a prototype of the modern catamarans. 


Looong keel and short rudder

Over the past fifty years, she has proven herself in service in all parts of the world (notably on charter in the West Indies). Her stability and performance are still remarkable. This tough, fast design has crossed both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, riding out severe storms unflinchingly. Ocean Ranger is a powerful, strong catamaran, capable of being driven hard in rough water, with capable 15+ knots in the right conditions. The center engine and the small rudder can make it a challenge to navigate in narrow places, but offshore she performs great and that's what she was build for. BAMBA MARU is definitely not a beach catamaran. She was build for rough seas.


Kutter rigg and two forestays

The rigg has two backstays that go all the way to the stern and also two forestays. No roller furling for the foresails. A small working Jib is with a roller on the babystay. She got a full battened main sail and 5 different foresails that are to change depending on the wind strength. To change them, one has to go to the bow like in good old times. She is impressive on all points of sailing and her performance to windward is remarkable. She can also achieve 8 to 10 knots in only light to moderate winds on a reach. Some surprisingly fast passages have been achieved in just these conditions. 


Home is where anchor drops

The shallow draft opens up vast areas of cruising, not possible or safe in a deep draft yacht. It is even possible to nose right up onto the beach. A 66 lbs Bruce anchor on 250 ft of 3/8 chain holding BAMBA MARU in place. A 44 lbs Danforth and a 44 lbs Delta anchor with 3/8 chain and a long 1 inch nylon rope is ready to support if it would get extra rough. We rarely go on moorings or tie up in Marinas to keep our costs low and to avoid difficult maneuvers in narrow places. A strong electrical Lewmar winch helps to get the anchors up.


Strong and still chic

Once her red sails are up and she goes into her tranquile rythm, she get a comfortable cruising average speed of 5-6 knots. BAMBA MARU is very heavy which slows her down. On the other hand we get back more stability and a much smoother ride. The hulls remind on submarines and are build to deal with breakers in high seas. Everything is round, no big free board and a basic shape like an egg to withstand the most pressure.


Work out and fun

To sail BAMBA MARU is nothing for lazy fellas. It needs a lot of work and we don't have all this fuzzy electrical winch and touch screen airconditioner buttons. But for sure we get good exercise, stay in shape and have a lot of fun keeping it simple and real.

Technical specifications

Hulls and construction

Hulls and construction

Hulls and construction

Length LOA: 45 ft

Max beam: 21 ft

Draft: 3 ft 6 inch

Bridgedeck Clearance: 2 ft

Displacement: 7 tons

Gross Tonnage: 21 tons

Hull strength: ½ - 1 inch all glass fiber

Construction: ¾ inch Plywood & Balsa core

Rigg and Sails

Hulls and construction

Hulls and construction

Mast hight: 48ft  (58ft above WL)

Rigg:  Kutter 3/8 steel

Main sail: 330 sq. ft

Roller Jib: 147 sq. ft

Yankee: 340 sq. ft

Storm Jib: 80 sq. ft

Genoa1: 500 sq. ft

Genoa2: 580 sq. ft

Spinaker: 850 sq. ft


Hulls and construction

Engine and drive

Single Berth Cabins:  3

Double bed Cabins: 2

Total bunks:  10

Bathroom: 2

Beam hull: 5 ft 9 inch

Headroom in hulls: 6 ft 4 inch

Headroom Deckhouse: 5 ft 6 inch

Engine and drive

Engine and drive

Engine and drive

Engine: 1 x Perkins 410.8 Diesel (38 hp)

Speed: 5 knots at 2000 rpm

Transmission: Silette Sonic Stern Drive 

Steering: Hydraulic - Triton 


Engine and drive

Safety gear

GPS, chart plotter, VHF, handheld VHF, watermaker, solar, wind-, towing generator, fridge, freezer, inverter, oven, 4 burner stove, Wifi, fishing and snorkel gear, kayaks.

Safety gear

Engine and drive

Safety gear

Liferaft, lifejackets, EPIRB, PLB,  inreach satellite communicator, DSC-VHF, fire extinguisher, flares and standard emergency signal devices, survival equipment and well stuffed medi sets.



Backboard (BB)

BB1: Crash Bulkhead
BB2: Bathroom / Shower & Toilet
BB3: Dive- & watersport cabin
BB4: Ropes & sail storage
BB5: Workshop & guest cabin
BB6: Cloths- & guest cabin
BB7: Double bed cabin
BB8: Dog poop deck
BB9: Liveraft, seanchor, ropes

Starboard (SB)

SB1: Crash Bulkhead
SB2: Bathroom / Toilet
SB3: Foodstorage & creativ cabin
SB4: Watermaker & waterpump
SB5: Galley
SB6: Cloths- & guest cabin
SB7: Double bed cabin
SB8: Diesel-spare storage
SB9: Anchorwinch + chain & propane  

Bridgedeck (C)

C1: Salon & navigation
C2: Cockpit & engine room
C3: Locker / Kayaks
C4: Rack & Dinghy ramp

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