The Mission in Dominica was about to rebuild schools after major hurricane Maria in 2017. The goal was to help efficient with disaster relief but without overhead or administrative black holes that come with many humanitarian aid organizations. Black holes where often to much donation money disappears. We are not an organization and still proof that it works without all this imaginary costs and that we can do more without them. For this project we did Not start a new fundraising. The IRG, our Partner on previous projects, had lost a big slice on Gofundme and Paypal in fees with the last projects and we had to deal with unacceptable time delays of sometimes up to two weeks to actually buy something with this funds. Instead, this time we provided the bank account details from the individual schools for direct donations and helped them to introduce their projects. Shortly after the release of the first video with us, doing interviews with local people, the schools reported the recipe of the first donations. We don't know how much was donated in total because they don't have to tell us anything. Apparently it worked out that way and all we had to do now, was to guide trough the repair process and help out where it was needed. Our most important "job" in this project was to connect people. To get those that wanna help directly in touch with the victims that need help. 


Islander Evangelistic Ministries
Keys Community Church - Big Pine FL