Ile a Vache - Haiti

The first Bamba Maru - Costal disaster relief mission to help victims in Ile a Vache - Haiti after Hurricane Matthew started in November 2016. We worked together with the International Rescue Group IRG to coordinate the mission. They started the fundraising for supplies to our project on and we promotet it on facebook and in a national newspaper (20Minuten) in Switzerland. We raised in total 5'217.- US$ and bought as much relief supplies as possible in the Dominican Republic. Shortly after, we sailed from Luperon to the Ile a Vache in southern Haiti. 350 miles through rough seas and countless squalls, pretty tired we arrived as the second IRG rescue boat after our friends on S.V. Tandemeer on ground zero to deliver food, tools, tarps and medical care for survivors. For the next weeks we produced potable water and sailed to exposed Islands to get drinking water to the survivors. It was also one of the first videos we did at all. So apologies for the lousy quality ;-)


International Rescue Group IRG
Islander Evangelistic Ministries IEM