BAMBA MARU - Projects

Most of our "projects" are related to humanitarian aid and costal disaster relief work but they can be just everything. We are not an NGO, no Business or any other form of commercial group. We are just sailors that love to do something useful besides cruising around the world.  

Important: Please note that we do not collect cash donations for Island Sail aid projects and humanitarian aid missions. Each recipient between you and the victims will drain a fee and a percentage of the funds due to the nature of international payments and services like Paypal, Gofundme, Western Union, etc. We don't wanna be a unnecessary pass and in most cases, the victims have their own bank accounts or at least access to MoneyGramm or Western Union stations. In other cases, we are happy to direct you towards the individual fundraising activities or reliable 501(c)(3) Public Benefit Nonprofit organizations, so your donations can also be applied against taxes.

We also do not try to boast or glorify our self with the reports about the activities. This videos suppose to encourage other sailors and are meant more like a proof that donated supplies arrived reliably. The videos suppose to raise awareness for real situations we find on our travels. Nice things can be done once good people work together. 

Hurricane Relief Projects

Sailing for a Smile - 2019


 After the last supplies for our Dominica Mission has been distributed, we wanted to do some more for this lovely people and started the project "Sailing for a Smile" in december 2018. We got very big support from the S.V. DELOS fundraising.

Dominica - 2018


 The Mission in Dominica was to distribute Relief Supplies and to rebuild schools after major hurricane MARIA. We got there after we finished our work in Vieques - Puerto Rico.  Even if quiet some time has passed, we found still a lot of people in desperate need of help.

Puerto Rico - 2017


 2017 was the year of IRMAGEDON and hurricane MARIA. We were in Honduras at the time when it happened.  In cooperation with the IRG, we went on another mission again. This video is about our arrival after a 2500 miles journey from Honduras to Vieques - Puerto Rico via Florida, to help those that remained left behind after the impact of the hurricanes.   

Haiti - 2016


 The first Bamba Maru - Costal disaster relief mission to help victims in Ile a Vache - Haiti after Hurricane MATTHEW started in November 2016.  We found shelter in the Dominican Republic when hurricane Matthew passed very close but devastated Haiti. We had a watermaker on board, collected as much relief supplies as we could and set sail to Haiti.