Joanna Bamba


Joanna was born and raised in Germany with two sisters, next to the beautiful old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, where she also went to school. Even that her dad wanted her to be an Architect, as she had already built a double garage with bricks, she choose to become a kindergarten teacher. As such she rather took care for 12 babies and toddlers or up to 25 kindergartners at a time. She even worked with handicapped young adults for two years and also enjoyed the time as a nanny for a wealthy private family with two little girls. She also enjoys it a lot, to work in restaurants or high class catering service companies. When we met with 23, she was already the mom of a sweet blond 3 year old girl. Together the three of us soon moved to Switzerland for the next 10 years and enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, lakes, good food and better chances for a great career.  After a few years, Joanna made a complete change business wise and soon became Sales Manager of a team of up to 10 Sales Agents for print and online content. 

She always loved to travel wherever possible in order to discover new places for holidays and already lived kind of out of the box, spent more time next to the fireplace and BBQ in the garden, than inside the house, even if it was just February and still kind a cold. Camping was one of the favorites and wild rivers, the ocean and the beach always the goal to live next to. Joanna loves the forests and wild rivers, waterfalls and enjoys different cuisine, new cultures and languages. That often influences her own cooking and baking, as she likes to be creative and tries a lot of new creations. Same is as well the case with healthcare, where she makes her our own care products, like tooth paste, facial wash, mosquito spray or desinfectant with natural oils, herbs, plants and minerals. 

Joanna loves to cook and bake for friends and family and wants to have all her guests satisfied. Other than that, she also loves swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and hiking. She meditates and does yoga, likes reading good books, writing and logical games to relax. Sewing is as well something she enjoys and so the repair of a ripped sail is not a problem for her. On the boat she of course knows how to sail, and maintain the different parts and tools. She understands and installs basic electrics, repairs the outboard engine and knows how to work with fiberglass and wood. 

Joanna has been working as only crew with the captain on a 65ft sport fish vessel as deck hand, fishing mate and stewardess. She was cleaning the boat inside & outside and watch keeper on passages of several days. Also is crew with me on deliveries, if necessary. You can throw her in whatever situation, she will enjoy it to find a solution and work it out. Her dream is to go to South America and go for an Ayahuasca ceremony, she dreams about to run a reggae bar at a nice beach somewhere not too touristy and would be the happiest person, when she gets a property next to a wild river and 20 min off the coast max, sitting in her tree house and enjoy the fruits and vegetables she grew in the garden. Ideal there is squirrel monkeys playing in the trees as well and space for family to visit 😉 

The Active Family

Currently one of Joanna's most important projects is The Active Family online shop. There she has some super cool gadgets, useful supplies we discover along our travels and creates nice pod shirts. The shop is still in it's early building stage, but already functional and running. If you still need some Christmas presents, she appreciates every order ;-)