Vieques - Puerto Rico

This project was a costal disaster relief mission for Puerto Rico after the impact of hurricane Maria. The video is about our arrival after a 2500 miles journey from Honduras to Vieques - Puerto Rico to help and to report about what we found there. Moren than 2000 lbs of relief supplies and food for the homeless that lost their houses arrived with S.V. Bamba Maru and a team of Volunteers in the Spanish Virgin Islands. Together with the IRG, we started a new fundraising where we got in total 1'135.- US$. Not enough to load a boat like Bamba Maru, but there was a lot of donated supplies from the Keys Community Church already waiting in Florida to be distributed to Puerto Rico. We got a lot of requests for transportation of donated supplies and filled the boat in Florida to the top. This mission was a cooperation with many helping hands and different organisations. We wanna thank everyone that chipped in and helped out to make it possible.


International Rescue Group IRG
Islander Evangelistic Ministries IEM
Keys Community Church - Big Pine FL
Chefs for Puerto Rico

Side note blackmail


Unfortunately this mission got interrupted  by a blackmailer from Canada. A former LPS police officer who did not dare to go to sea, tries to blackmail for reimbursement from donation money for his private vacations. This criminal retiree identifies him self as a member of the IRG, but was never seen in Puerto Rico at all. No official statement or reaction from the IRG board had caused us to quit the collaboration with the IRG after this project. We do not work for organizations that tolerate blackmailers.