BAMBA MARU Review - A devious BLACKMAIL attack

You might be curious why a private sailing boat need reviews at all. Well, the Canadian ex police officer Mr. Kevin Heslop apparently thought it could be important when he released his blackmail attack against BAMBA MARU in 2018. He wants to extort money which he is not legally entitled for. If the payment is denied, Heslop would pressurize with harassment and slander as he announced in his message to Joanna. Basically he want to be refunded from donation funds for his 3 week lasting vacation in Florida including travel costs. He can not get a legal title for his claim and enforces payment now with bullying and spreading lies to damage our good reputation.  Since he decided to attack us that way, we are forced to respond in public. 

Former Detective Inspector Kevin Heslop retired early from the London Police Service - Ontario in Canada, just a few months before he  joined the BAMBA MARU team in Florida as volunteer for a mission of the International Rescue Group IRG.  The mission was about to transport relief cargo from Honduras via Florida to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and to give some unpaid volunteers a free ride.

BAMBA MARU started the mission already  in Honduras and stopped in Florida to get the boat fully loaded and to pick up Volunteers. It took about 3 weeks to collect all the cargo, to prepare for the trip and to get a weather window for a safe passage across the Gulf stream in January 2018. Heslop had already spent 3 weeks on board. Two hours before departure, he suddenly decided to leave the boat  and not to sail with us to Puerto Rico. This decision was done on his own wish because it did not feel right he said. He never went on an offshore trip before in his life and he also never sailed a single mile with Bamba Maru. We had to cancel two firefighters that wanted to join as volunteers because he was concerned about enough room on board. However, without a chance to compensate his position on board, he canceled the trip for him, suddenly started to criticize Andy's qualifications and declared, that he has to be refunded for his 3 weeks on board and his travel costs he had from and to Boot Key Harbor in Marathon / Florida since the trip to Puerto Rico was not happen for him. 

He wanted us to pay all his expenses he had apparently because he thought we would simply take it from the donation funds. Of corse we did not give him a single dime and he had to pay his own expenses like food during this time as everybody else on board did. Mr. Heslop was not involved in the project deep enough to realize that we didn't carry cash donations around. He got mad and promised to attack our reputation on every social media he can find if we do not pay the amount he ask us for (which got higher with every single message to Joanna). Still without to explain why we, or any disaster relief fund should pay for his vacations.

We did not pay because he was obviously mistaken the disaster relief mission with a vacation cruise. Heslop ignored that he was eating Joannas food that she cooked for him. 3 meals per day for 3 weeks. He did not care that he used and blocked a whole cabine for him self or somehow he feels we have to provide all this for free because he attempted to do something good.  Heslop started immediately with his attack as he threatened before, regardless if it could affect our work negativ for the victims in the disaster area. Focused on his own profit, Heslop selfishly published the same warnings with links to his fake Review-of-Bamba-Maru site on Facebook, Patreon, YouTube, Twitter @BambaMaruReview , Instagram and many other places. It all links to the same primitive content, created by the early retired Detective Inspector Kevin Heslop from the London Police Service LPS, Ontario in Canada. Apparently his pension is not high enough and he desperately needs some dollars. Hopefully they paid him well while he was still in charge to represent Canadian lawenforcement. Most of Heslops scam was taken down by the social media platforms because they don't tolerate mobbing anyway. But he won't get tired to renew them. Some posts are still online like his wordpress site or his hate video that he published additional with his voice under his own name on Youtube (His pitiful family and the LPS recognize him). Named like a review to be found first in case somebody search for Bamba Maru. Heslop even started to pay Google to get ranked high enough in the results and break trough the organic search. 

Once we reported success from our mission in Puerto Rico to the public with all evidences that Heslop is nothing but a bad liar paid by canadian taxpayers money, he updated his scam and accused us further that we have bought a bunch of rice down in Puerto Rico and published photos from this one, just to enforce his fraud again. He didn't noticed that this pictures actually show a label on the rice from Honduras - where we started the mission (This brand is hard to get in Puerto Rico - if not impossible). The same bags was seen on facebook photos of our cargo already in Florida. Kevin Heslop ignored, that we actually arrived in the disaster area with all cargo and checked in with all legal paper work in order. Nothing went wrong, all crew and cargo have been safe even if a trip like this is not easy during the winter months on a 50 year old sailboat, heavy loaded to the top. But we proofed that we made it and delivered. 

He ignores and continues his attack like a defiant little boy from comfortable home in Canada while we continued our work to actually help the people in the disaster area. Heslop is a bad liar and a very questionable character for someone that worked for law enforcement in a modern country like Canada. He put a lot of time, energy and money into his harassment and hate campaign against us. Most likely because he simply failed to accomplish and did not do what he announced in public, on the IRG board and on Facebook. Kevin Heslop never went to the ocean and helped any victims after hurricane Maria or any other disaster. Not with S.V. Bamba Maru, not with S.V. Rendevouz Key, with S.V. Thunderbird 5 or any other boat. He had at least 3 options and bailed out of all them. He needed an excuse now to not get criticized or appear as a total coward because we was the last boat to leave and we did it... just without a Heslop.  His only way out was to attack and accuse us with all kinds of weird lies.

We probably don't sue him or take any legal action against his blackmail. His violations of our copyrights for pictures he stole and published like the one from us in person which he published on Twitter and Instagram  as his profile picture without permission (as an ex police officer of the LPS Ontario) or against his massive harassment and slander since may 2018 until today. We don't want his negativity in our life and sure enough, we will not pay a lawyer to deal with him. Nethertheless, we encourage all who have been convicted of his statements to reopen their case. The fact that Heslop still enforces to get paid in such a dishonorable manner and still without a legal title for his claim, tells us that he must suffer of serious mental illness like the Borderline Syndrome or something like that. Solely his massive alcohol consumption he used to proceed everyday on board could not cause such a sick attack over this long period of time. 

Blackmailing is a serious crime in Canada and one can not just simply pass with it, except if the one was a cop. Then he can pretty much do what he want. We learned about that when we contacted his previous employer, the London Police Service LPS in Ontario Canada. The purpose was, to let them talk to him and calm him down or to get him professional help. A retired Detective Inspector should really not commit a crime or behave that way at all. We also did not want to carry his ridiculous issues over our mission in Vieques - Puerto Rico or deal in public with it. However, Detective Gary  Bezaire said, that it is not a crime or extortion in Canada to force someone to pay money without being entitled for, in order to avoid massive harassment and get the good reputation attacked by mobbing posts on public social media... To actually avoid what former Detective Inspector Heslop is threatening with in his message to Joanna as seen in the picture. 

If that is an ethical way to go for somebody that represented canadian law enforcement for such a long time in Ontario remained uncommented. "He is not a cop anymore because he is retired" was the first answer we got. He retired early and  just a couple months before his attack. So when exactly did Heslop start to act like a criminal?  Before or after he retired? "It's not a crime - it's the right of free speech", Detective Bezaire said. He actually recommended us to do the same... 

Maybe that's the way to go in Canada. Not so for us - unlike this tax funded criminal, we don't need to make things up and start fake review accounts to make money. It is enough to expose that individual with his own creations. We can provide evidence for his blackmail, have taken screenshots of all copyright violations and slander before we busted it and proof that his statements are all just lies created to make some extra cash. We gave him more than a year to overthink his postings without to expose him as the liar and criminal fraudster he is. Most of Heslop's lies are pretty easy to unmask anyway by simply following our vlog or by having a closer look on our projects photo gallery. Now, we respond to the public since he had chosen this way to figure out his legal rights for the claims he made. 

This individual retired police officer is a shame for the London Police Service Ontario. John Pare, Chief of Police, needs to rethink his hiring policy thoroughly. Regarding the facts above - Kevin Heslop is nothing but a governmental funded criminal. We just leave his attack with our official statement to his scam in detail and the real and independent reviews on Facebook below.  That's what we owe to those who believe in us.  however, as he urges to continue to attack compulsively, we will occasionally publish his latest notes below to ensure the creator get his credits.

Retired LPS Detective Inspector Heslop
needs money. Extortion for vacations.

Retired LPS Detective Inspector Heslop

needs money. Extortion for vacations.

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