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Thank you very much for checking out how to support Bamba Maru. First of all,  we are working for our living and we are used to earn our income with several freelance jobs, writing and social media. We are not begging nor do we rely on donations to continue our journey. We consider our self as very rich and blessed people that are sometimes just a bit short on money. It is still a necessary tool for us to manage the cruiser life and maintain our old boat. Not living in luxury and mostly self sustainable, we don't need a lot. That's why we usually don't work externally. We use our time to help others that don't have it that easy. We don't just bring the people things. We also give them our support, hope and teach them how to help themselves. The less we have to worry about money for our living, the more we can focus on such projects. 

We have been taught by an elderly, lovely soul, that creating videos and sailing for disaster relief is also work that needs to be paid and we are supposed to have a way, endorsing people can contribute. Maybe that's true, but where there is no boss or costumer, there will be no check - right? He said that many people would love to contribute, but can't, because they simply don't know how. Well since it is everybody's free will and nobody has to, we kinda like the idea. Our videos will remain for free and all donations to projects will still be 100% for that purpose. But. if you really want to give us a treat, down below you can find some different ways to support us with Bamba Maru. However it is already a big help, if you just watch, like and share our videos. Joanna is super happy, if you visit her online shop and give her feedback and Andy will much appreciate every sold book. We are not out here to make the big money, but still never tired to work for a better life. 

Important: Your donation on this page will NOT go to disaster relief projects (at least not directly as usual). It will be used to cover boat maintenance and renovation costs, veterinary expenses, better camera equipment, a couple treats for the fur babies and maybe a beer and a coconut punch for the crew. If you would like to contribute directly to our projects, please head to the individual page and check out, who we are in collaboration with.

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Bamba Maru need to go to the drydock every now and then for some maintenance work. Your support helps us to keep BAMBA MARU afloat and to get this, sometimes very expencive task, done in time. If you’d like to make a one time donation, you can use PayPal to make it fast and easy. To get started, just click on the button… 

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Patreon is a great way to support Bamba Maru if you wanna do more than a just a one time donation. There you can chose from many different pledges for 1,- per month or more. You will have access to patron only content and become part of the exclusive Bamba Maru family. 

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The world is on the way to a new financial structure and new technologies are developing. That allows money transfers for a fraction of the costs of classic procedures worldwide within seconds. A decentralized block-chain technology allows us to actually control our own funds. One of our biggest struggle travelling is not money, but bank issues. Whether it's an expired card where replacement can't be sent to a third world country or a change in the login procedure, which requires a phone number we don't have anymore. We had to take on expensive travel costs back to Germany in order to clarify a system error, that was freezing our accounts for weeks. The trouble was their new money laundry law, that requires documents we couldn't provide, living on a boat. 

The few dollars we spend for groceries, fuel and daily needs are blocked every now and then as the bank takes control unexpected and without warnings, because we changed countries too often. We are looking forward to the up-rise of decentralization and real security of people's money with block-chain. There are already more than 7000 Crypto ATM's worldwide and more are about to be installed soon. Meanwhile even some ship chandlery stores started to accept Bitcoin. We opened some crypto wallets in order to stay independent also for the future. We are not asking for, but we certainly appreciate every coin donated to the Bamba Maru wallet. 

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